Change Log:

Date Change Description
08/2003 Added Password Recall from the login menu if a referee has forgotten their password.
08/2003 Added RefLevel and ARLevel to allow rating of a referee and the difficulty of a match.  See documentation for usage.
09/2003 Added the ability to 'View the Schedule as Guest' for non-referees, coaches, League and Club administrators.
1/2004 Added New Referee Signup page for new referees to enter their own data.  Upon entry, both the referee and Referee Administrator receive an automatic email notification of the new referee to be activated 
1/2004 A match can be made unavailable "N/A" for the assignments by setting the RequiredStaffing to 0.  Additionally, a match can be marked as postponed (a -PP suffix is shown on the Division on the match by checking the 'Postponed' box on a match via the admin menu.
1/2004 Added a 'Browser Compatibility Test' to the main page.
2/2004 Added Login instructions for use when a referee participates in multiple local organizations that use
2/2004 Added automatic email to Referee when the Referee is 'Activated'. 
3/2004 Added Single Column Referee Report for Administrators
3/2004 Added RefLevel and ARLevel to Referee Roster reports
4/20/2004 'Released' not working... matches still displayed when not 'Checked'... Fixed
4/15/2004 Made BirthDate a mandatory field for new Referee Signup and maintenance and added Mobile Phone to the data displayed on maintenance screens

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